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  Spirit Release and Soul Integration

Before looking at methods of spirit release something needs to be said about the relationship between the inner spiritual dimension of our being and the physical body that we inhabit.

To keep this complex subject simple we can say that there are two fundamental aspects of the Self – our physical body and our spirit. It is this latter part that provides the life force and motivation of our existence. Without the spirit the body is dead and it is the spiritual link to the developing embryo that provides the vital life energy for the foetus.

The spiritual aspect of our being existed before conception and will continue to exist after the death of our physical body, undergoing a whole series of evolving spiritual experiences that might include other lives in other dimensions or planes of experience.

Entering into a life on this planet involves a delicate balance as the spirit or soul starts to get to grips with the young body that it inhabits. During childhood and adolescence many things can go wrong, generally caused by traumas of one sort or another that upsets the equilibrium between the spirit and body. It is rather like putting your toe into a bath and suddenly withdrawing it if the temperature is too hot. Any shock, whether physical, emotional, mental or drug induced can cause the spirit to retreat from the body and when this happens a form of vacuum is created that potentially opens up the psyche to all sorts of invasive energies.

At such times aspects of the psyche can also become split with different parts beginning to assume their own independent existence. A properly balanced and integrated individual is like a well run company where all of the employees (aspects of the self) work together in a harmonious creative way. Problems occur when the boss of the company (the spiritual self or mind) fails to take full control of the individuals within the company who then start to rebel, perhaps even fight between themselves or go their own separate ways. In such cases the company ceases to function properly and so it is with the individual, where people can become driven or tormented by split off aspects of their being.

When problems in life cause the inner self to disassociate at some level we also become vulnerable to outside negative influences. A simple analogy here is to imagine a person who chooses to only live on the top floor of their house because the ground-floor is either too frightening or too disgusting to inhabit. Because they do not descend to properly secure, maintain and check their downstairs doors and windows, they are open to all and sundry wandering in, causing further distress and chaos. We can all be guilty of this at some level for one of the primary objectives in life is to learn to get to grips with physical reality (the ground floor of your house). It is when we neglect this aspect of ourselves that there is a potential for psychological problems, including forms of invasive negative energy, to occur.

Death and Transition
At the end of your life your soul will finally leave your body and in a proper transition should then pass over into the spirit realm. For many different reasons spirits can become stuck or ‘earthbound’ and in this state they will either attach themselves to places, of which they were familiar, or sometimes connect to people linking into them through the imbalanced or vacuum aspect of their subtle energy fields.

Spirit Release and Soul Integration
From the above brief synopsis it is clear that there are many different aspects to the field of spirit release and soul integration. These can be divided broadly into two distinct problem areas, which we can define as "inner dimensional" and "outer dimensional".

Inner Dimensional Problems
These involve all aspects that relate to the balance between the spirit and the body. It covers those areas generally considered as part of psychotherapy, trans-personal psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Problems that manifest as invasive or negative energies are perceived as a result of an inability within the spirit to get to grips with the physical body that it inhabits. In some cases a little guidance and a few self-healing exercises will bring about remedial shifts, which can sometimes be quite dramatic; in others longer term counselling or further hypnotherapeutic inner journey work needs to be done. The primary task here is to help the individual to take full control of their life and to encourage the soul to fully integrate with its host body.

One of the big problems that faces many individuals is grounding themselves fully within their physical bodies. If there has been traumas in childhood there will often be a tendency to escape problems by the spirit slightly separating itself from the physical body. Psychological conditions like depersonalisation are a manifestation of this inner survival mechanism as are many of the "dissociative" illnesses. In some situations spirits can link into these distorted inner fragments to further exacerbate the condition. However in these cases the spirit needs to be seen a symptom of the condition rather than its cause. Other escapist mechanisms include drug and alcohol dependency. (See article: Soul Connection and Grounding)

Outer Dimensional Problems
On a personal level, these entail all cases where negative outside influences attach themselves to the “energy-field” of an individual causing a disruption to the balance of the psyche. Such influences can include discarnate spirits of a human or animal form, negative thought forms, “curses” and on occasions non-incarnating spirits such as those that stem from the deva and elemental realms. When this happens there is also an imbalance within the spirit form that is attaching itself to the person. Occasionally these imbalanced invasive forces can be very destructive, causing considerable distress for the client.

It needs to be appreciated that not all cases where "inner dimensional" problems are manifesting are the result if " dimensional" spirit attachments of the type listed here. Splits within the psyche may seem to be forms of spirit attachment but are only parts of the self that cannot easily be integrated together. This will often occur when aspects of the psyche, such as anger or hatred, are rejected.  In simple terms we need to face up our fears and to love and forgive those aspects of the self that we despise or see as ugly. We all face these challenges, which are beautifully described in the “hero” myths and such stories as “Beauty and the Beast” and the “Frog Prince”.

Healing Methods
All cases where personal problems manifest in a way that suggests some form of negative, compulsive or invasive energy need to be tackled, first and foremost, in an “inner dimensional” way. The intuitive psychic approach would be by using healing energy to help balance the relationship between spirit and body, whilst a more interactive counselling approach entails taking the client through a series of inner exercises to help them integrate those parts of the psyche that need attention or are causing problems.

If it is suspected that there are also “outer dimensional” problems then a number of steps need to be taken to help release or transform the invasive energies. In some cases the healer will do this on behalf of the client, in other there can be a mixture between the client and therapist working together at an interactive level.

Different techniques can be used to help determine the origins of any psychological imbalance. In an interactive approach, where the client is put into an altered state of consciousness, the therapist first gains insights, using different techniques, into the causes of any problem. A more intuitive psychic person is likely to be able to determine quickly whether there is indeed an outside invasive influence or if this is just aspects of the inner self that need attention.

Outer reality problems, such as those caused by “earthbound” spirits can manifest either in places or through people. When these are determined along with the philosophy of the Spirit Release Foundation, the intuitive healing approach does not seek banishment, punishment or anything akin to the highly dramatised stories of exorcism. It is about love, forgiveness and understanding, recognising that there are problems within the stuck spirit that need help and healing. The intuitive psychic will then communicate directly with the spirit to help it understand what is happening and through healing help it make a smooth transition into the spirit realm. A more interactive approach adopts the same policy only this time working through the client’s psyche, in an altered state of consciousness, using guided imagery exercises and suggestion.

Where personal invasive problems occur it is always important to help the client to understand what is happening and how it is that an attachment was drawn to them in the first place. This aspect is important so that they do not attract anything again in the future.

The intuitive and the interactive approaches complement each other in a balanced and necessary way, offering new levels of understanding and techniques on handling some of the difficult problems that manifest as psychic disturbance, possession and spirit invasion or attachment.

To view an online video of this talk please click here.

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