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Water the Essence of Life

Channelled communication by HA thro David Furlong for Mina Olen Magazine, Finland

"I am very pleased to have this opportunity of sharing with you on a subject that sits at the very heart of life on this planet. What do I mean by this statement? Imagine for a moment that you are gazing into a bowl of water. What would you see?

To begin with there would just be the reflection of your face in the surface of the water. For some people seeing the reflection of themselves can be quite disturbing for they are not able to accept their physical appearance, perhaps they feel they are just too ugly. Yet the ability to truly see oneself for whom and what you are is one of the first essential steps on the path of spiritual integration. Indeed I would go further and say that we continually need to go through this process of assessment trying all the time to strip away the veneers that hide the essence of who and what we are. Dear friends do not think this process is just limited to the physical world for it is something that every spirit needs to undergo whether in a physical body or not. In other words this process continues on planes way beyond physical existence when you no longer need to come into a physical body to experience.

To understand this process a little more you might like to imagine a school where the infant/junior class corresponds to your physical world and the other classes relate to dimensions of experience beyond physical incarnation. You will go on experiencing to the time that you graduate which in this illustration would be the point when you re-joined that Supreme Creative Force that brought you into existence. It does not matter whether you call this force God or any other name but from my perspective it is a state of beingness which is in total harmony and balance with all other thought or spiritual essences that are around it. It is a state of supreme love and integration. But also remember in our analogy of the classroom that when you graduate you will still exist and go on continuing to experience for nothing is ever lost.

So water, through one of its properties, can mirror back to us our reflection. This aspect can also be used on a deeper level for by allowing yourself to truly attune to the water part within you can start a process which allows you to begin to see yourself for what you truly are. To do this you might like to imagine that the bowl is inside of you that you are looking into the water to see and experience the deeper aspects of yourself. The water will always giveback to you a true reflection even if there are aspects that you do not wish to see. But then my friends spiritual growth is about integrating the light and shadow sides of our being. In this way water can be a wonderful tool in your inner development process.

Clairvoyant Images
Let us return to you gazing into the water in the bowl. If you were gifted in the right way psychically the water would start to reflect back clairvoyant images that pertained to some subject that you wished to understand or perceive at a deeper level. This is somewhat akin to using a crystal ball but water is actually a better medium to use for most people for it can help you more easily connect to the subtler realms than can a crystal which is connected to the element of earth.

Spiritual energy is translated down through many octaves until it finally is held within the physical world that you see all around you. Yet, as you know so well, what you can see and touch is actually made up of many millions of atoms that combine as molecules to create what appearFox in waters to be solid matter. The fluidity within water allows a greater sense of movement in this stepping down process which is why one's psyche is able to use water for gaining psychic impressions of other realms or dimensions. To see clear pictures of a clairvoyant nature, within a bowl of water, takes quite a bit of practice but even if you do not see any pictures the act of opening yourself up to connect to a deeper level of yourself will actually assist you in finding the answers to whatever problem or situation that you are seeking to understand. In other words it actually does not matter that you get clairvoyant pictures in your bowl of water for by simply asking for insight or inspiration through this connection with water will activate a process within you that will bring what you need through, at some level, to the conscious mind. This might happen later through your dreams, through meditation or sometimes by other people giving you the information.

Now let us suppose that you had some special eyes that, like a microscope, would allow you to see water at an atomic level. What would you then see? As most of you know water is composed of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen giving the formula H20. These three atoms when Waterfallseparated are highly combustible embodying the element of fire in quite a potent way. Yet when they come together in this trinity of water they create something very different. This three-fold patterning is very powerful; indeed water is the one element that easily extinguishes fire. If you look into many mythologies and religions you will find a trinity of gods or principles. In essence they all reflect this aspect of water which in turn but reflects an aspect of cosmic principle or law. When two forces come together they will always create a third principle which stabilises the polarity and allows it to evolve. The polarity aspect of God needed His/Her creation in order to go on experiencing. So at one level you can see yourself as part of the trinity of the Godhead, that aspect which needs to experience through all of the planes of existence.

Water Holds Memory
The triangle of these water atoms at its centre opens up gateways into other unseen dimensions. It is like a vortex of energy that flows from one plane to the next. Now also held within this structure is something else not often understood. Water holds the memory of all that it has, in itself, experienced. Nothing is ever lost and these memories get held at the unseen level. When these memories are sufficiently strong they cause clusters of water molecules to begin to group together into geometric patterns. As your scientists know the freezing of water can allow snapshots to be taken of these patterns if you have sufficiently strong microscopes but many people can see them also in the crystalline structures within snowflakes. What you are in fact seeing in the snowflake pattern is the memory of that particular grouping of molecules expressed in geometric form. These water molecules hold all of the memories of everything that has ever happened to them and collectively water holds all of the memories of everything that has ever been experienced upon this planet. So, when you drink a glass of water you are experiencing the memories of that water.

Now this can lead to some very interesting observations for if the water that you drink is re-cycled, then you are feeding into yourself energetically the memory patterns of those individuals through whom the water has passed. It might have been chemically cleaned and treated but the memory is still there. Of course in the scheme of things these molecules would have become mixed together but even so this process does not lend itself to experiencing higher spiritual qualities for most individuals on this planet at the moment tend to be polarised into the more material shadow aspects of themselves. From my perspective it is very important that those who aspire to spiritual unfoldment drink natural spring water, for although the water still holds memory it is only those memories that are part of the Earth itself.

Cleansing unwanted memories
Let us pause for a minute to think about the water that is in your body at this moment in time. Your body is 70% water and that water holds all of the memories of every experience that you have undergone. When you drink a glass of water, through a process of osmosis, that fresh water will take on the memory patterns of what is already there. Now there is an exercise that you can do with water which will allow you to cleanse certain memories from your system. The simplest way to do this would be to take a glass of waterSt Nectan's Glen in Cornwall and first bless and dedicate it to the process of cleansing whatever it is that you wish to clear from your being. Then drink the water and imagine that it is absorbing particularly that aspect that you want cleansed. The thought pattern that you put into the water will attract the corresponding imbalance that you want removed and will collectively decrease its level of intensity within your body as it is flushed through your system. You will need to do this exercise more than once and some people carry this process out by fasting at the same time, perhaps for three days, so that there is a potential for powerfully cleansing of all past energy patterns. This is why fasting has been an important aspect in many spiritual disciplines. With emotional situations this process will often require that you first fully experience the blocked emotion before it can be released and cleared and in this tears have a very important part to play.

The act of baptism is carrying out the same idea but on another level. There was very good reason why the Christ spirit allowed himself to be baptised by John in a very ritualistic way. In this ceremony the ancestral and earlier memories of Jesus were cleansed and washed away. Whenever you have a bath, stand under a shower, or swim in the sea you can call upon the water to perform this function for you; to purify all of the memories of the previous day's activities so that you are both psychically and well as physically cleansed.

Let us once more return to the bowl of water in front of you. If you could open up your spiritual eyes you would also be aware of a level of spiritual consciousness within the water. Perhaps in our analogy it would be easier for you to sense or feel this consciousness within a lake or steam or even the sea rather than within a small bowl. Nevertheless consciousness can be found in everything and the essences that imbue water have in tradition been called water elementals or "undines". The presence of these spirits can be felt or sensed very easily in your beautiful country Finland which abounds in lakes if you but open your hearts to their realms. These spirits feed off of the experiences that water undergoes and in this way they too grow in their understanding of spiritual and physical life. The entire universe is in a process of evolution. Nothing is ever pre-ordained in the sense of being fixed for each moment is a unique experience and it is through this process that God is also experiencing and evolving.

If you can begin to communicate directly with these water beings then you can further your insights into the collective memories of your planet. A time will come in the future when scientists will be able to directly access these memory patterns within water, via the elemental beings and it will reveal for them some very interesting surprises in the evolutionary processes that have gone on here. Indeed at a deeper level still the essential elemental quality of this planet is actually more attuned to water than to any other element. Many of you are aware of term "Gaia" being used for the spirit of the Earth. This spirit actually started its evolutionary journey as a water elemental being at a time long before the Earth itself came into existence. When this spirit took on the spiritual mantel of overseeing the spiritual and physical evolution of your beautiful planet it was quite natural that it should encourage the development of water upon this Sphere. I know scientists see these processes as the simple expression of physical laws, but they do not see what is actually taking place on other unseen and higher dimensions. It was the consciousness of your "Planetary Deva" that attracted water to this sphere in sufficient quantities to make life, as you know it, possible.

And here we come to the title of this article. For water allows physical beings such as you, the animals, plants and everything else that lives on this planet to experience physical life. It is essential for life in ways not so clearly defined in the other three elements of earth, air and fire. Of course all of these elements have their part to play but without water the physical life forms that you see around you would never have come into existence in the first place. So there is much to be grateful for and to appreciate whenever you drink a glass of water.

Finally I would like to say a few words to those who are working with water for cleansing and re-balancing energies. Water does have different physical forms and these can be used to either enhance or break down patterns of experience in the ways that I have outlined above. From my perspective it is the thought memory that has been put into water that is the most significant aspect, rather than what happens on a purely physical level. In other words simply taking a glass of water and blessing it, if done with full consciousness, can be every bit as effective as changing the atomic structure of water through ionisation processes, if those processes omit this higher dimensional level. So there needs to be much clarity and spiritual awareness within those individuals working with water in a therapeutic sense. If this is achieved then much can be done to help individuals clear and balance some of the stuck memories that lie at the heart of most illnesses.

The key to all of these things also lies within the heart. If your heart is truly open to experience, then the water that flows through your body in the form of blood will enhance every cell that it touches. Let love be the foundation of all that you are.

Thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts with you.

Channelled thro David Furlong

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David Furlong David has been working as a healer, therapist and sensitive for more than 40 years. He is the author of five books including Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers from which this article is taken.

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