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Spirit Release and Our Sub-Personalities

by David Furlong
September 2012

One of the most important elements in the release of spirit attachments and invasions is appreciating the role that sub-personalities play in this process. This article looks at sub-personalities or ‘ego-states’, as they are sometimes named, and the methods of healing the inner trauma that they hold. These traumas can, in some cases, attract alien spirit entities, in the sense of elements that are not native to the psyche, which then further reinforce or compound the original problem.

The concept of an inner world peopled by different aspects of the self has been recognised for many years in psychotherapy, through such authorities and Jung, Berne, Rowan, Wilber and Schwartz. Effectively the primary ‘ego’ aspect of the psyche creates split off parts of itself to hold the energy of specific traumas. From a spiritual perspective, for these fragments to exist independently, they require a small portion of the soul essence, which allows them to inhabit their own psychic space, as independent characters within the inner world. They normally reside below the level of the conscious mind or primary ego self, except when they are triggered by an outer stimulus. When this occurs they release some of their emotional content that can generate physical, emotional and psychological responses.

For example, let us imagine a young child that is attacked by a dog. In order to deal with the trauma of this experience the psyche creates a sub-personality to hold the pain of the occurrence. When accessed in trance states these parts are often perceived at the age when the trauma occurred. So the adult, linking back to the sub-personality might recognize this part as a terrified child. Whilst this might be the norm, in practice, any form could be created. This split off part retains the trauma of the experience and only releases an aspect of the pain in response to an outer world stimulus, such as when the primary ego is again confronted by a dog, whether playful or aggressive. In these cases a feeling of panic or terror can spontaneously emerge, sometimes causing physical symptoms, such as palpitations or sweating.

One can understand why this process has played a significant part within our evolutionary development, because, for our caveman ancestors, it would have been through remembered fear that they would have been able to forestall potentially life threatening situations. These patterns are hard-wired into the psyche, as different studies have shown [Gardner, D – Risk 2009]. The fear in these cases could sometimes make all the difference between life and death in a hostile world, which is why these sub-personalities are not immediately dissolved but remain active throughout a life, unless they are consciously processed and healed.

By incorporating the spiritual level we can use the metaphor of a house and its occupants to describe this process in action. Our Higher-Self (HS), the part of the spirit that resides in the spiritual realm, hands the keys of a new house to the soul for it to take on the role as tenant of the body, a process that normally occurs during the gestation period. In order to survive in the physical world the soul brings into being a primary ego part that acts as its polarity balance. We might liken these twin parts to a husband and wife team; the wife, in this analogy, representing the soul and the husband the primary ego, which we can identify with our conscious mind. The children from this marriage are generated in response to specific experiences that the psyche wishes to remember and these are often the traumas that confront the infant and child as they move into adulthood. What needs to be clearly recognised is that like real children these sub-personalities, once created, also have their own free-will that cannot easily be over-ridden. This process can continue on through the whole of a life, so that in some cases a house can be filled with many inner characters, each with their own specific demands. This is particularly true when the child has been confronted by many traumatic situations in its early years, such as with continued sexual abuse.

In such cases the primary ego finds it very difficult to maintain any control over what is happening to these traumatised parts of the psyche. Additionally, the most painful parts can sometimes be split off and ejected from the house, being then left to wander where they will. These parts might try to get back into the home and might then be perceived as attacking ‘evil’ entities. This generally occurs when a sub-personality has been ejected because it is considered malefic or too abhorrent to be part of the psyche. For healing and resolution to take place these parts need to be acknowledged, accepted, loved and forgiven.

The primary ego will sometimes also retreat from the ground floor of the house and move into the upper rooms, where it perceives itself to be in a safer place. Vacating part of the house through this process potentially opens the door to other spirit entities moving in to take up residence within the psyche. This is the first step to spirit invasion. Furthermore, some sub-personalities can make attachments to outside spirit entities or the rejected sub-personalities of others and invite them back into the home. This is not unlike one’s own children inviting a friend back for the night. There is normally not a problem about this type of experience as long as the primary ego self and the soul have a good command of the house and can expel unwanted guests when necessary. Problems occur when there is a lack of control or balance within the psyche. In these cases the children and their invited guests, or at least some of them, can start to try to take over the house. Moreover, some of these intruders are only interested in control and disruption; they will do everything in their power to cause inner turmoil for the individual.

Healing Sub-Personalities
From wide experience I have found that there is a simple method for healing and releasing the pain from the sub-personalities and from there to release and clear any invasive spirits. Unless the process is followed through properly spirit entities will often return because there is an inherent sub-personality aspect of the psyche that simply invites them back. The challenging part of this approach is that it often takes a considerable amount of inner work to be able to clear the house and bring all aspects back under the control of the soul and the primary ego self. This cannot normally be achieved in a single therapeutic session and often takes several and in some cases regular sessions to properly clear and balance all aspects of the self. Most of us have many sub-personalities or ‘ego states’ that need attention, including some that relate to past lives. In this sense we are amazingly complex beings. One of the primary spiritual drives that stems from the HS is to seek to heal and balance all aspects of the psyche; effectively for the self to be brought back into a state of homeostasis.

The key to healing these situations lies with the HS, for this part has the knowledge of the steps that need to be taken to clear all trauma and imbalances. It has absolute power to bring every aspect of the psyche back into balance, saving one, very important, proviso. In this process it will not, under any circumstances, override the free-will element of any part of the psyche. All aspects need to be in agreement for the healing to take place. Nor will it interfere with the free-will decision making process of the soul and primary ego self. The HS is there to advise, support, encourage and heal but not to take control, for this would be contrary to one of the fundamental principles of life.

It is not necessary here to describe the methods I use to help individuals access their HS as this is often an individual experience and differs from client to client. The process of healing can be described thus:

The first step is to help the client access their soul conscious self. One might liken this to an inner light within the self and from there, to connect to the higher-self (HS). The specific presenting issue is then put to the HS with a request for help and insight, to understand, heal and clear the particular problem.

The HS then normally presents an image of the sub-personality (SP) that holds the trauma. As soon as this is recognised the client needs to send a thought of love and healing from the HS to this aspect, for it is normally in a traumatised state. This can be challenging for the person, for sometimes these aspects appear as repugnant creatures. The healing will normally dissolve this outer shell casing and the original aspect can then be discovered within. For example, a hideous creature, when tackled in this way might reveal a frightened forlorn child. In these cases an aspect of the psyche had become rejected and vilified.

The next stage is to get the SP to be aware of its inner light (soul aspect) and from there to link to the HS. As soon as the HS has been contacted it then normally takes over the healing process, communicating with the SP the steps it needs to take for its redemption.

The SP then needs to release the memory of the trauma back to the conscious mind, the primary ego. The client can release any emotional energy through their breathing, by acknowledging the pain, and then breathing out and releasing any trauma and tension before breathing in some healing energy to fill its place. Occasionally this can lead to an abreaction. In these cases, by staying with the process and releasing the trauma within the body, through the breath, full healing can take place.

The SP can then be offered three options:

  • to be absorbed back into the HS.
  • to be absorbed back into the soul conscious self
  • to find a place where it can continue to exist in peace and happiness.

From experience, SP’s from past lives often go straight back to the HS, whilst those from the current life will often merge back into the soul. Sometimes the SP wishes to find a safe place to experience within the psyche before being re-absorbed.

When this process has been completed a review can then be made via the HS to ensure that everything is now fully back in place and from there the client can be brought back into their normal waking state.

Releasing Spirit Attachments
A similar process can be adopted for accessing and releasing any invasive earthbound spirit souls, for the HS is always able to monitor and overview what is happening within the psyche. Spirit invasions, by the souls of deceased individuals or sub-personality fragments of them, are normally lost and in a state of confusion. Getting them to be aware of their inner light, the soul aspect and then to link to their HS generally facilitates a speedy release. The space vacated, within the psyche, needs to be sent healing from the HS to ensure that no other spirits can come in. Effectively we need to be able to shut the doors and windows of our homes, so that nothing untoward can enter. If an SP has been involved in inviting into the self a spirit-soul or soul fragment from another individual, this part too will need to be sent healing and any trauma released, as has already been described. If this is not done the tendency will be for the part to either invite back another soul or block the release of the spirit in the first place.

The whole process is ultimately dependent upon the client being able to establish a good connection between the HS, the soul and the primary ego self and for these latter two parts to be properly grounded within the body. As long as this is achieved the incarnate individual can lead a balanced healthy life.

Evil Entities
More difficult cases involve situations where some form of evil or malicious entity has taken control over some aspect of the psyche. In these cases the traumatised SP has to consciously agree to let go of the attachment for the HS to be able to step in and free the psyche of any invasive elements. In my experience this is often the trickiest part. Traumatised and damaged SPs can be very reluctant to let go of their attachments and can sometimes be very resistant to healing. It needs to be remembered in these cases that each SP has a fragment of the soul within it and this part can always be accessed by the mother soul, through a form of space worm-hole, however resistant to contact the outer part might be. Once this link is established the healing process can start. As long as all parts are in agreement the HS has the absolute power, rather like the landlord of a property, to step in and eject any invader no matter how powerful they might seem. At this level spiritual law is supreme in that we all have the sovereign right to inhabit our physical bodies without interference or invasion so long as all aspects of the self concur with this perception.

Sub-personality or ego state therapy is central to healing and releasing any spirit attachments. Unless this is done correctly there will be a tendency for any invasive energy to return. The key to this therapeutic process is the link to the higher-self (HS), which has full knowledge and insight on the steps that need to be taken to bring the psyche back into a state of balance.

I would like to acknowledge my indebtedness to Tom Zinser the author of Soul-Centered Healing (2011) for his insight into the free-will element of the sub-personalities or ‘ego states’ and re-affirming of the power of the higher-self to effect changes within the psyche.

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David Furlong David has been working as a healer, therapist and sensitive for more than 40 years. He is the author of five books including Develop Your Intuition and Psychic Powers from which this article is taken.

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