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  The Higher-Self and the Shadow

This article is taken from David Furlong's new book, which will be published in the spring of 2015 entitled Illuminating the Shadow: Transmuting the Dark Side of the Psyche. The full chapter entitled 'The Higher-Self and the Shadow' can be downloaded as a .pdf document. To download please click here.

For most people the soul and the higher-self (H-S) are vague concepts that would seem to have little direct meaning, or relevance to their daily life. This chapter will attempt to show that these twin aspects of the Self, can play a valuable and helpful role within the reality of any individual. For the majority of people the inner world messages from our H-S, soul and shadow are transmitted through dreams and when explored, our dream world can be a valuable resource. However, the communication from our H-S does not need to wait until sleep. When working with clients, I have been amazed at how insightful the H-S can be in providing awareness of particular issues and the steps required for their healing. This can take many forms such as bringing up memories of specific traumas as well as the process needed for their resolution. This chapter will explore these different elements and includes a number of exercises for both accessing the wisdom of the H-S as well as healing the negative shadow.

The role of the ‘higher-self’, as a fundamental component of the psyche, was first recorded by psychiatrist Dr Ralph Allison, who used hypnotherapeutic techniques to assist clients, suffering multiple personality disorders. In one of his regression sessions, he stumbled across an inner character who appeared to have a very different level of awareness, from the other sub-personalities he had previously encountered. This personality was cognisant of all of the other elements of the psyche and seemed to know what needed to be done to heal the wounded mental, emotional and psychologically damaged parts of the individual. Allison went on to discover a similar character in all of his clients. Unaware of the term the ‘higher-self’ he called this aspect the Inner Self Helper of ISH. In an online article in the website, he describes the characteristics of the ISH as follows:

A.  Prime Directive of the ISH is to keep patient alive until his/her Life Plan is completed and fulfilled. The ISH will prevent suicide in any way possible.
B.  Has no date of origin; has always been present.
C.  Can only agape love; is incapable of hatred.
D.  Has awareness of, and belief in, " The Creator."
E.  Is aware that the Celestial Intelligent Energy (CIE) put her in charge of teaching this person how to live and move forward properly.
F.  Is able to work on the inside of the patient's mind, as co-therapist, while the human therapist works on the outside.
G.  Knows all about history of patient and can predict short-term future.
H.  Possesses no personal sense of gender identity, but will assume either gender the therapist is comfortable with.
I.  Talks intellectually instead of emotionally, carefully chooses precise words, speaks in short concise sentences; prefers to answer questions; gives enigmatic instructions. ("Teach her humility today.")
J.  Avoids using slang; does not have the capacity for put-downs or guilt-trips.
K.  Is aware of patient's past lifetimes.” (Allison, 2014)

This clearly defined list encapsulates the qualities of the H-S, which was a term first brought to western attention through the writings of A.P Sinnett and Madame Blavatsky of the Theosophical Society. Blavatsky in her book The Keys to Theosophy (1889), citing Sinnett states:

‘The Spiritual realm would all the while be the proper habitat of the Soul, which would never entirely quit it;   and that non-materializable portion   of the Soul which abides permanently on   the spiritual plane may fitly,  perhaps, be spoken of as the HIGHER SELF.’ (Blavatsky, 1889:173-4)

The term H-S is also used by Dr Tom Zinser in his therapeutic work and collaboration with his spiritual guide Gerod. Of the higher-self Zinser states:

‘The more I learned about the higher-self over the months, the more its abilities and characteristics resembled those of the inner self helper. I don’t recall the moment, but at some point I realized that the inner self helper I knew from psychology and the higher-self I was investigating with Gerod were the same phenomenon.’ (Zinser, 2010:150)

Higher Self
Over the many years that I have been practising as a therapist the H-S has been central to my healing work. I have utilised many different techniques helping clients access this aspect of their psyche with profound results. Indeed, going one stage further, I believe that we all have the ability to access this phenomenal resource within us if we give it space to inform our lives.

This insight emerged when I first started to explore my own spiritual nature and the spiritual dimension in which we reside. From reading many different books, I had the perception that it was going to take me many years of inner work before I could communicate with my higher-wisdom. I read that enlightenment only came about through dedicated spiritual study. However, I was also aware, from a young age, that there was some aspect of inner guidance that I could readily access. This ‘intelligence' informed me about significant elements that I needed to address or, when they arose, how to deal with specific problems. This seemed at odds with what I had studied. I eventually came to realise that if I believed that accessing this ‘higher-wisdom’ would take a lifetime, then indeed it would take that time. However, if I believed I could do this instantly then that would be the case. In other words, we can all connect to a profound source of inner wisdom simply by intent, providing we apply a little effort to the process. The only limitation lies in our own minds.

My H-S, your H-S is a fundamental aspect of our being that has complete oversight to our lives and all of the facets that make us who and what we are. It has direct communication with the spiritual realm and therefore has access to all of the wisdom of the universe. Additionally, it can draw upon the power of ‘the Creator’, to clear any blockages that may be residing within. It knows the blueprint of our life and, if we engage with it, can steer us towards the fulfilment of our life-plan. What it will not do is interfere with our free-will, or the free-will of any aspect of our being, such as our sub-personalities. As already stated, the free-will gift we all enjoy is sacrosanct and your H-S cannot and will not override any decisions you have made. In this sense, it is limited by ‘cosmic law’, although in all other areas its powers would appear to be limitless.

To download a copy of the full chapter of 'The Higher Self and the Shadow' from David Furlong's new book Illuminating the Shadow, please click here.

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