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Malta Temple
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A Malta Goddess
Malta Goddess statues

Malta Goddess

Malta Sunrise
Malta Sunrise

Solstice stone Mnajdra
Solstice stone Mnajdra. Click photo for enlarged image. .

Mysterious Malta

Touching the Goddess

An 8 day Autumn Equinox trip exploring some of the most significant sacred sites of Malta

Saturday 20 September - Saturday 27 September 2014

Photos of Previous Trips

Mnajdra Temple Malta temple design
Mnajdra temple at equinox Temple carvings
Malta Temple Malta Temple
Ggantija temple altar Santa Verna temple remains
Malta temple Malta temple
Ta Hagrat temple Side temple at Hagar Qim
Malta temple Malta temple
Mnajdra temple Tal Qadi temple dolmen
Malta temple Malta temple
Equinox sunset at Tal Qadi Equinox sunrise at Mnajdra
Malta temple Malta temple
Equinox sunrise at Mnajdra Mnajdra altar at equinox sunrise

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David Furlong
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Hagar Qim Temple
Hagar Qim Temple

Bugibba Temple
Bugibba Temple in the grounds of the Dolmen hotel

Ta Hagrat Temple
The Ta Hagrat Temple

Borg in Nadur temple
The Borg in-Nadur Temple

Equinox sunrise at the Mnajdra temple
Equinox sunrise at the Mnajdra temple

Solstice stone
Detail of the solstice stone at the Mnajdra temple showing the pattern of the pitting. The pitting has been coloured to enhance the design. Click here for enlarged image.

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