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Health Balancing and Food Sensitivity Tests

with the MSA 21 System Computerised Health Sceening Device

Working with a health screening device known as a MSA 21 or the BEST system David provides a fast and non-invasive means of identifying health imbalances such as those caused by:

  • food intolerances and sensitivities
  • vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • environmental allergies (including problems generated by mobile phones)
  • hormonal imbalances

Working with the equipment, he is able to correct imbalances to return the body to optimum health. The MSA21 is also provides an effective assessment of hormonal imbalances and can be used to bring the systems back to balance. For further details please click here.

If you suffer from any of the following conditions food sensitivities could be playing a significant part:
IBS; Indigestion; Bloating; Constipation; Headaches; Rashes; Eczema; Skin Problems; Arthritis and Stomach Cramps.

All testing comes with detailed nutritional advice.
Mini Health balance     75 - 105
Food Sensitivity Test  55 - 65
*Combined Test           65 - 85
Hormonal Test            55 - 65
Full Health Balancing  85 - 140

*Combined Tests include assessing vitamin and mineral balances.

For further details on the BEST system click here

Other Therapies:
Ancestral Healing; Counselling; Space Clearing; Spirit Release; Distant Healing;
Food Sensitivity Testing

Venues: Malvern

For further information please write to: David Furlong Myrtles, Como Road, Malvern Worcs WR14 2THTel: +44 (0)1684-569105 or Mobile: + 44 (0)777-978-9047         
Email: David Furlong

David Furlong David has been working as a healer, therapist and sensitive for more than 40 years. He is the author of five books including The Healer Within and Working With Earth Energies
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Healer Within The definitive book on Healing.
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