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Healing Empowerment Meditation
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Those suffering any form of spirit attachment symptoms are strongly encouraged to use the self-empowerment meditations on this CD, which can either be purchased as a CD or the contents downloaded from the internet to be played on an MP3 player. Please click here for details.

Therapeutic Work

My Therapeutic Approach

Having been a healer and counsellor now for more than 45 years I have developed a particular approach to helping clients that is based upon self-empowerment and the knowledge that we all have within us the understanding of what we need to get back to full health.

The process is very simple. The first step is to be able to acknowledge that there is an aspect of your 'spiritual' being that is linked into your physical body. You can call this part your soul, your inner-self, your core self, your psyche or whatever term you wish to use. This is the part of you that is eternal and holds your life force.

Core Self
With some people this part is not properly anchored within the body so the first part of the process is first acknowledging its existence. The easiest way to achieve this is to perceive this aspect of the self as a 'light' within the body. Ideally this should be located within the chest or solar plexus area. Is that 'light' fully anchored within the physical shell or is it off centre?

(A short meditation on making this connection can be found by clicking the following link. Make sure your speakers are turned on.)

Higher Self
Once this link has been established the next step is to access the 'higher-self'. You might like to perceive this part as the link through to the aspect of your spirit that still resides within the spirit world. Your 'higher-self' has access to all levels of spiritual support and help and through this process knows exactly what you need to bring you back into full balance. It is also fully aware of your karmic journey and the path you need to be treading.

The Link Between the Inner light (Soul) and the 'Higher-Self'

To visualise or connect to the 'higher-self' I normally get clients to imagine the Sun, (which is the primary source of light and life for this solar system) as a symbol of the 'higher-self' and to imagine that they are linking, through a beam of sunlight, the Sun's ('higher-self') energy to the 'light' within. Effectively linking the 'higher-self' to the 'soul conscious self' and thence to the mind and body.

You do not necessarily need to use the Sun as a symbol of your 'higher-self' as any source of pure light above will do. What is VERY important is that this is not reflected light, such as through the moon, because in these case the connection can be tampered with.

Once this channel has been opened up the 'higher-self' will start to take charge of the healing process and inform the person through words, images, feelings (emotions) and sensations within the body what needs to be done.

My task in the process is to help the client make these connections and through the link to my 'higher-self' support the steps they are taking. Sometimes the client's 'higher-self' may find the conscious mind will block what it is trying to convey and that is where I can use my insights and skills to move the process forward.

Sub-personality or Ego-State Healing
In the process of our lives, when we hit traumas, we will often split off aspects of ourselves to hold the 'energy' of those situations. This often occurs in childhood. These aspects, or sub-personalities, can become frozen in time, as child-like parts of our being. Our 'higher-self' is fully aware of all of these parts and can help us link through to them consciously to release the energy and free up the stuckness that is holding them trapped. One of the key elements to understand in this process is that the 'higher-self' will not over-ride the free will element of any aspect of who and what we are. It will however suport the healing process, which entails connecting to these stuck or trapped parts to bring back into the light of consciousness for healing.

Spirit Release and Attachment
Souls of earthbound spirits can sometimes attach to or take up residence within the psychic space of an individual and can in turn cause a lot of psychic disturbance. The 'higher-self' knows where these parts are located and can take steps to have them removed.

To summarise: my approach to the therapeutic process is helping the client connect to both their soul conscious self as well as to their 'higher-self', which allows for the transformation on the causes of the blockages within. In a normal hour session the first part might entail sharing information and picking up any particular issues. The second part entails the inner journey work, which needs to be carried out in a meditative, light trance state and the last part of the session entails a evaluation on what has taken place. This process both empowers the client as well as informing them of what they need to do to find balance on every level of their being.

The connection through to the 'higher-self' has enormous value because it can be used to help tackle any problem, whether within the therapeutic process or not. Clients will either come to see me directly or work through phone or Skype all of which works very well.

Clients are free to choose the path and process that best suits their needs whether it be an occasional session to deal with a particular issue; sessions every week, fortnightly or monthly, if there are deep seated problems or an occasional run of a few sessions, before having a break.

Skype/Phone: For those who cannot attend in poerson Skype or phone sessions work very well.

Endorsements: Too many to list... most people find the work of accessing their 'higher-self' to be hugely beneficial and most powerful.

Fees: £75:00 - £95:00 (London price) per hour. 20% discount for 3 or more sessions.

Other Therapies:
Ancestral Healing; Counselling; Space Clearing; Spirit Release; Distant Healing

Venues: London and Malvern

For further information please write to: David Furlong
Myrtles, Como Road, Malvern Worcs WR14 2TH
or phone +44 1684-569105 or +44 777-978-9047                         
Email: David Furlong

David Furlong David has been working as a healer, therapist and sensitive for more than 45 years. He is the author of five books including The Healer Within and Working With Earth Energies
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Healer Within The definitive book on Healing.
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